We offer sustainable pergolas and temporary knitted architectures 

Award winning designers Jane Scott a the world renown digital knitting expert and Stephanie Chaltiel from MuDD Architects teamed up this year to offer 3DKnit pavilion to designunction public. It was mounted in Cubbitt park London and highlighted new architecture manufacturing techniques. 3DKnit is made of recycled colourful threads including some glowing in the dark ones. This dynamic curvy geometry textile pavilion is digitally knitted in Leeds in one piece which form finds its final shape while inviting the visitors for a tactile experience. It mimicks resilient patterns in nature and will be used as a light formwork for permanent upcoming affordable housing constructions in 2020. 3D Knit was launched in the Market following the success from the public at the London Design Festival 2019. Please get in touch with us if you're interested in knowing more about the products.

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